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Sunday, 20 January 2019 22:03

Install Mesh

Install Mesh Wireless Network (IMWN) is a great way to provide wireless network coverage throughout your entire home. Many homes today experience dead spots in their network coverage, or areas that do not have as great of a signal as the rest of the house. Mesh networks allow your house to have multiple points in the home providing coverage for the same network so that no matter where you are in your house you have a one of the "pods" from the mesh network close enough to you to provide the same great coverage uniformly throughout your house. ($40 fee is to install/configure hardware. Hardware is not provided as part of the IMWN package. You will either already need to have your mesh network hardware purchased, or make arrangements with me to provide it at an additional charge above labor costs.

Sunday, 20 January 2019 21:35

Run Network Cable

Do you need the most secure and fastest connection run from your router directly to a computer/device in a remote location of your house/business? We can install a physical wired connection. This offers the greatest security due to no network communications being available to people sniffing wireless packets transmitted between your router and your device. ($100 fee is to run one cable direct from router/switch to remote location. Fee does not include Cable, Cable Ends or Wall Plates, additional charges will apply depending on desired configuration.)

Sunday, 20 January 2019 19:46

Install Wireless Card

Install Wireless Card (IWC) is a service where I will install a Internal, or External (PCIe or USB) wireless card on your computer and configure it to connect to your wireless network allowing that system to access your network and internet wireless.
(NOTE: $40/hour, minimum 1 hour, typically does not go over an hour.)
(IMPORTANT: IWC does not include the wireless card. This will need to be purchased prior to my work, and or arrangements made with me to purchase as part of the service in which case there will be a charge for the wireless card too.)

Monday, 13 August 2018 03:46

Install Router

Internet Service Providers (ISP) will many times try to get you to use their Routers... Why? Because they can charge a monthly fee for allowing you to use their router. Most of these ISPs do not even have Routers with great wireless coverage. You can save yourself money, and get better coverage and faster connections using a wireless router. (NOTE: $40/hour, minimum 1 hour, typically does not go over an hour.)(NOTE: $40 does not include router, Customer needs to either have one purchased already or make arrangements with me to assist you with purchasing one or recommending one or more to you.)

Thursday, 14 June 2018 03:09

Network Consultation

Are you have Network/Internet Performance problems (Wired/Wireless)? Let me come take a look at the problem, and your setup and I can show/explain to you what is causing the problem, and provide a/some possible solution(s). (NOTE: $40.00/hour, minimum 1 hour. If solution can be fixed during consultation visit then no additional charges beyond time required.)

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